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Nasarawa Entertainment talk – The Way Forward



Over the years we have noticed a gradual change in the Nasarawa Entertainment industry.
From Good and fresh artist coming out to replace the wack ones..
To Entrepreneurs and few politicians also sharing in the stake holding.

But is Nasarawa Entertainment really the way we see it?

1- Truth is nasarawa as a state has Low Commitment and interest as regard 2 Entertainment!.

Their are many people within the state whom are able 2 sponsor many artists 2 the peak, but must of these people Have no interest Concerning Entertainment! And therefore connection becomes a big Problem 2 many B List upcoming artist and As 4 the A list artist, they find it Difficult 2 grow Beyond their axis!

2- We must understand and appreciate the efforts of the Show organizers and Some of the Event planners we have within the state.
*It is true that All the notable artist deserves Some Pay and Proper treatment b4 Appearing at any event!
*But the truth is Not All Notable artist whom are being paid really deserves 2 b paid 2 appear in a show!!.

*There are numerous reasons 2 dat,and one of it is The bigger problem we need 2 tackle!
*Many Show organizers Do not Work wit The good artists we have from the state not because they do not know they are good!
Buh because they feel such artist have no much impact 2 enhance publicities and They are not Popular.
therefore they do not need 2 b Treated wit respect or given any formal invitation b4 coming 2 their shows!.
*Now wat do u expect from a Young dream chaser? (An artist With Anxiety And love 4 the Industry??)
*The least they could do is 2 go 2 ur show 4 free!
Wit their Hard earned Self sponsored music and Transportation regardless of the distance!

*And still plead 4 performance But these show organizers WOULDN’T let dem!
Therefore they go abt posting on media’s Including some of the artists!! Criticizing and discouraging dis yung And Unknown talents!
Saying Artists too dey beg beg 2 perform 4 show!!

*Now tell me wat will u do as the last born inda hus Wen the elders are not carrying out their duties as its supposed 2 be?
*Wud u sit bak and watch dem?
*Or u wud do the right tin by doing wat dey fail 2 do?

*Now Many Bloggers, fans, Haters of nasarawa industry, Show organizers have criticize Nas Entertainment so much!
*But dey hav failed 2 provide solutions 2 the problems.
*Now This Platform has come 2 bring permanent solutions 2 the problems nasarawa industry is facing.
*We will not sit back and watch Anyone Condemn and destroy the effort of Dis industry!.
*And we will not hesitate 2 Criticize any Entertainer from dis state in oda 2 Correct Him/Her!
*pls lets work 2geda.
*Lets Bring up and allow dis Yung artists 2 show up their talentz!
*Lets pay Respect 2 artist according 2 how good dey can be and how well dey can improve dis industry.
*And not how Popular dey are! Or How friendly u are 2 dem!.
Here are some of questions we usually Perceive and we shall tackle dem soon!.
Keep following Us!.
We are Nasarawa Entertainment!

✔Do you think these artist that thrill u at your favorite events are appreciated well?

✔Are all the beauty queens you see on fb really practitioners?

✔Do Event organizers skillfully use artist to stack up their wallets?

✔Are these bloggers really bloggers?

✔ Are these producers and video directors standard enough?

✔Are all these crews important? Since they are not record labels.
*Avoid Favoritism!!
*Embrace The Yung talents!
*Lets build up nas entertainment! 🙏