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HOW I FAILED MY FIRST M.Sc, What I Learnt – Barnabas U. Egbon


HOW I FAILED MY FIRST M.Sc, What I Learnt. One of Nasarawa Youth Leader and Event organize Barnabas and much more took to social media to share His long distance learning experience While at home and working.When I was applying for scholarship in 2015, it took me about three months (March to May) to finish up the online application and submit. Before then, I have never come in contact with someone who is studying on similar scholarship. I only knew that scholarships exist (Commonwealth, PTDF etc). I got awarded a Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship for a Masters in Public Health in the University of Manchester in August, 2015. The sponsorship was supposed to last for three years, to end September, 2018, if I needed an extension, I can get an extension for 2 years, to end in 2020 since I was studying part-time and distance learning.By 2016, I was already fed up and I’ve written to my university to let me go. I’ve exhausted my lifelines of resitting (rewriting an exams I failed), retaking (taking a course I’ve failed after resitting) and compensation (getting a pass for a course I’ve not done so well in the assessments). I was failing because I couldn’t balance my work, academics and personal life. It was very difficult. I sacrificed my studies for my job. A decision I will be proud of in 2017. By the end of 2016, I’ve written to the university, telling them I will love to take my leave. I had four (4) more courses to take and of course a dissertation (project) to write.I was already on my way to being withdrawn from the Masters programme anyway. The university advised I take two more courses and get a PGDiploma in Public health rather than leaving with nothing. To avoid “two-zero” as we say in Nigeria. I took this advise.2017, I didn’t take any course. I just got a senior managerial role (youth programme manager position) with the organization I was working with. I needed to concentrate and get things right before I touch other things.I took the remaining courses in 2018. November 2018 mama called me and said “hey son, you’ve got a parcel from The University of Manchester” I said ahh I guess that’s my pass Certificate for my PGDiploma I guessed.2019, I’ve found satisfaction in what I do and also a new professional direction. I want to leave my job, I want to explore. Okay I ended up leaving the job by August, 2019. I got a fully funded Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship to Study a Masters in Public Policy and Management at the Strathmore University Business School, Nairobi.Between 2015 to 2019. A lot of my friends and colleagues got different scholarships to study at Masters and PhD level, outside Nigeria.I’m not going to summarize this for you or give you the moral lessons. I will let you pick out what you want. But there’s something for you in the next paragraph.Here’s it. May 23rd and May 26th we had zoom sessions with about 100 participants across Africa, going through the scholarship application process.Tomorrow, 2nd June. We will hold the third and maybe last (for now) webinar on the same topic for participants who didn’t get to attend the last two. We want more people to get the right guidance on WHAT TO STUDY (course), HOW TO STUDY (Distance learning or study abroad), HOW TO GO ABOUT THE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PROCESS. We are not stopping there. The webinar is more or less a top of the iceberg, if you want more, we the Masterclass designed for you, coming up in July (enrollment is on going, link in the comment box).Anybody can get a scholarship to study at any level and anywhere around the world. We are out here to guide you.