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10 Reasons Why Nasarawa State Artist Will Never Blow.


🎤mic check, one tu, Tututu. I Hear👂Say this is the👇
*10.Reasons Why Nasarawa State Artist Will Never Blow😲

Read Carefully and Change for good. Because if I can Change, anybody can Change 🤭🤣🤣

1. Mother Tongue: As an Artist you should know who you’re🤔and what you say🤔because you have listeners👂both locally and internationally.✈️ But I found out almost all the Nasarawa State Artist sings with their own mother tongue which is very bad for any genre of Music.👌

2. Style of Music: This one I don’t want to talk much on it🙄but as an Artist if you don’t have your style of Music then you’re just singing rubbish and rubbish can never Blow you.🙄

3. Role Model/Mentor: Almost all the Nasarawa State Artist feel too big to lookup to Artist above them🙆. Most of them don’t have who dey listen to,😩 how can you say Wizkid is your superstar and you don’t have his songs on your phone up to 10🙄

4. Pride: Oh my God🙆this one is the worst of them all. The Oga kpata kpata of them all, No Artist in Nasarawa State wants to listen to either the #Producers or #Directors that are part of their Job. They feel . I am the artist no one can talk to me then after everything you’ll findout that the song is wack🙄Brother be humble or you no go go anywhere.👌

5. Showing Support: Every Nasarawa State artist find it too hard to comment or follow up with what their fellow artist are doing online🥺 If you check the life style of the Lagos artist you love to listen to, they follow up with the work of their fellow artist, they show love to each other either by Reposting or Liking, Commenting, or even Sharing their fellow artist work, but Nasarawa State Artist don’t do that.🥺

6. Side Attractions: Chai🙆the only side attraction Nasarawa State Artist can create is with the little little girls they are seeing now🥺forgetting that they still have to work hard to Meetup with the Tiwa of their time in future😁🤭

7. Classic Lifestyles: No Nasarawa State Artist has his or her own Lifestyle🤭they copy from the TV🙆

8. Dressing Style: Nasarawa State Artist are very dirty.😢We only have few of Nasarawa State Artist that spend time on their self to look good🙄

9. Lyrical Rhymes: Oh Jesus😩this one Killed everything. Inside 💯% of Nasarawa State Artist only 3% of Artist are Lyrically killer👌

10. Attitude: You snub your fans🥺and that is a very bad behavior😩that has to stop if you want to Blow😲
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Source : Nass Nasarawa hype